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Need to generate B2B leads and sales?

Generate prospects. Book meetings. More.

Engage with your potential customers. Close sales.  

Start building your 

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No fluff.

Just Growth.

We are Growth Engine. By combining prospecting strategies, inbound marketing, sales tactics, and automation, we help startups and B2B service companies reach their growth and profitability goals. 


The key to our success is that we approach sales and demand generation holistically. Our goal is to hold your hand through every step of the process until you reach ROI. We'll take care of customer persona definition and content creation, as well as generating leads and closing sales. Our agency is the first to offer end-to-end quantifiable outbound and inbound marketing, along with automation, to help you generate paying clients and grow. 

Getting companies to do business with you.


Define, identify, and communicate with potential prospects using a variety of channels to book product demos and exploration calls. 

Inbound marketing

Keep prospects engaged and in the loop for a longer period of time and give them the information and tools they need to make an informed decision.


To ensure no prospects fall through the cracks, implement automation and monetization systems to nurture relationships over time. 

Sales handling

Our packages can be customized to guide you through the sales process or on a 'Done for You' basis to help you close the deal.

You're in good company.

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Definition of buyer personas and value proposition

Any B2B growth strategy starts with defining your niche and value proposition. In the niche definition stage, we aim to uncover who your best target market is and what value propositions are likely to resonate with them. 

Our secret six step strategy

​To help you 10x your Growth


Writing copy and pitch that sells

Much of the magic happens in messaging. During this phase, we create messages that speak to prospects' pain points, industry jargon, and tone of voice.



Choosing the right channels and methodologies is just as important as reaching and interacting with your target market. Throughout this phase, we will establish the strategy and channels such as volume outreach or ABM.


Process automation

Growth is often accompanied by operational side effects. The more leads you handle, the messier it becomes. We make your growth process powerful, smart, and sustainable by automating processes and relevant CRMs.


Inbound marketing

Initially, outbound marketing is used to generate interest and traction. After the process generates a lot of leads that have engaged but have not yet converted, the next step is to provide them with more educational content to keep them on top of their minds and to get them in contact when they are ready to buy.


Sales handling

Leads and appointments are not enough; you need ROI too! By following a methodological tech sales approach, our sales handling process consulting and execution can help you convert leads into sales.

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The engine behind your growth

Maya Kaufman


Maya has over 12 years' experience in B2B sales and marketing that generates growth. She is passionate about helping companies implement revenue-generating strategies that integrate marketing and sales. 

Hanna Vaughan 

Key Accounts Team Lead

She is a marketing strategist with ten years of experience managing both outbound and inbound marketing efforts. She thrives on results and loves to drive them forward. Hanna manages Growth Engine's account management team and works with key accounts. 

Martin Lamberti

Sales Coach/Team Lead

Along with his telesales skills, Martin has a strong background in handling B2B prospects. Besides managing the telesales and sales teams, Martin coaches clients on the B2B sales process, such as presentation and objection handling. 

Chris Mckenzie

Head of Business Development

Known as the business development unicorn, Chris is an expert in developing and managing BDR teams that work. As a former Zoom BDR team leader, Chris brings years of experience in driving results-driven outbound marketing for SaaS companies. At Growth Engine, Chris manages the BDR team and efforts. 

Garo Aroian

Hubspot Team Lead


Garo brings a wealth of revenue operations experience to the table. The holistic approach Garo brings to Hubspot and revenue operations stems from his extensive experience in sales, BDR, and automation. Through automation, he helps companies track performance over the 360 of a user's lifecycle and drive growth.  

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Internationally certified Experts

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Recent blog posts 

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Our Clients Say It Better

“Very dedicated and results driven team. Our engagement was based on our desire to renter the UK market and they were able to generate meetings for us with accounts of firms and businesses pretty quickly.” 

Lars Holdgaard 

Co-founder & CTO

"Amazing team! Professionals with a holistic view of the problem and business objective. Proactive, nimble, hard workers and delivery results."

Shai Deljo

Co-founder & CEO 

Beehive AI 

"Growth Engine helped us generate a steady monthly pipeline of meetings for our sales team to execute our growth plans. I highly recommend Growth Engine to any startup looking to grow. " 

Roi Sorezki

Co-Founder and CEO,


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