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B2B Prospecting: 3 main tools for researching buyers' information

Updated: Mar 15

Finding the right information about your buyers and the situation of their companies is critical. You always want to show you have some insight into what is going on within the organization. There are four main “tools” to use:


That’s the main pillar of any SDR doing prospecting, it’s the number one professional database in the world. If you want to find a company, that’s the first place you have to look at.

Even though we have plenty of possibilities while using LinkedIn's freemium plan, the SDR role has a very long part of research, this makes it difficult at times not to have an unlimited search engine, which we don’t have unless we switch to the Premium Plan. With the premium plan we get an extra tool that is called Sales Navigator, this beautiful instrument will become our best friend from the first day we try it. With the Sales Navigator, we will have access to a search engine powered by a huge variety of filters ranging from the geography of the companies we want to search to the number of individuals in a particular department we may be interested in. All of this with just one click.

Newspapers & magazines

When we focus on a particular sector, it is important to know what is the current trend in that industry, the evolution in terms of digitalization, the new methodologies or innovations that are breaking and impacting the most… All of this can help us be more relevant, creating more momentum or identifying possible use cases for specific accounts. Example: TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Google News and using Google Alerts

Company’s public information

Especially when SDRs are addressing the enterprise market, it’s important to look at the information that those companies are obliged to publish, such as the possible decisions they make, the new customers they have acquired recently or the budget they are going to allocate to a particular set of departments and new innovations. 10K Annual Report can give you great insights!

An example would be a company targeting startups. It would make a lot of sense to invest in a tool like Crunchbase in order to get to an infinite amount of information regarding “hot industries”, growth of a particular company or investment rounds and funds.

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