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Steps for Data-Driven Prospecting

Part 1: Identifying Your Ideal Account Profile

Ideal Account Profile – Identify accounts most likely to deliver qualified opportunities by analyzing organizational account level intent data and organizational trigger events

  • Inbound activity (requested demo, inbound call, chatbot convo, etc.)

  • High or accelerated traffic to your company’s home page, pricing page, etc.

  • 10k report addresses an initiative relevant to your value prop

  • Existing relationship with your company’s channel

  • Intent expressed on 3rd party networks, downloading relevant content or whitepapers

  • Press release relevant to your solution’s impact, M&A, organizational restructuring, etc.

  • High or accelerated freemium usage at the account level (only valid if product offers a freemium model)

  • Just received series-A, B, C, VC, Angel funding press releases – understand what each round of funding means in terms of resource allocation

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