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Want Fast and Lean B2B Growth? Cold Outreach is your New Friend

Updated: May 19, 2022

Are you an early stage B2B startup? If so, you'll need to acquire new business leads quickly at a budget-driven cost to drive growth, aside from additional funding, and create your MRR. Unlike the common belief, cold outreach can generate leads, and lucrative leads can boost revenue in a usually more cost-effective and successful way than paid campaigns or SEO.

What is cold outreach?

Cold outreach, also known as outbound marketing, involves defining a target market and sending tailored messages to potential leads. Contact is made via phone calls, emails, and messaging on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Unfortunately, cold outreach is frowned upon by some, and they question its validity and feel it's too hit and miss.

However, cold outreach works, and it's far less expensive than traditional methods and paid campaigns. Cold outreach doesn't adopt a scattergun approach. Instead, leads are identified through strategic market research.

This tactic allows businesses to focus on their target market, reaching out to those who fit customer demographics and those likely to be interested in the products or services. It's fair to say that outbound marketing can be time-consuming. Still, you can quickly identify leads, follow up properly, and ensure all content is appropriate with an automated system.

Cold outreach is an affordable and effective way to gain exposure for your business and connect with future customers. Build a rapport by delivering the right content at the right time, generating profitable B2B leads, and securing additional customs.

Outreach Vs. Paid Campaigns

Outreach campaigns allow you to reach a wide range of people via various channels quickly. This cost-effective method proves popular with all types of businesses, and if you're launching a B2B startup, this is the perfect way to market your product or service on a budget.

Paid campaigns also give potential customers a chance to discover who you are and what you do, but as the name suggests, this type of marketing doesn't come cheap.

Paid campaigns are run via digital channels - you purchase advertising to connect with your target audience. Advertisements appear at the top of the search results (and sometimes at the bottom). Paid campaigns can be effective, but for B2B startups, they are too pricy! Paid campaigns for B2B startups face another problem: sometimes, your target market is simply not looking for your product or service because they don't know it exists, so you must bring it to their attention via methods such as cold outreach.

Outreach Vs. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be less expensive than paid campaigns, but it can be a long-winded marketing method. It can take a while to rank in the search results and involve optimizations, content creation, and link building. The leads will appear, but it could take months or even years! Outreach provides the speedy results you need to grow your business.

Volume Outreach Vs. Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing relies on the same connection-driven technique as outbound marketing. However, account-based marketing provides a high level of outreach targeted to volume. Campaigns are designed to influence select businesses and are set up based on the needs and wants of the consumer.

Account-based marketing requires less data but more insight. While this approach is generally more effective when the target market is a niche and accounts are enterprises, it can also work well at SBM accounts if the deal size is large enough.

Scale Up Your Marketing

Businesses often have reservations about outbound marketing, lamenting that it takes too much time and worrying that people will bother to reply. There's also the headache of keeping track of contacts and following up on leads, and we'll let you into a secret. Outreach isn't like that - in truth, it's the best strategy for fast and cost-effective B2B growth.

The best outreach campaigns are delivered in a polished way, so many businesses now invest in CRM automation. Workflow automation saves time and streamlines your efforts. You can capture contacts, build a rapport and follow up without a fuss. If you want to get ahead, you need to target the right people at the right time with the right content.

Paid campaigns, account-based marketing, and SEO all have their place, but outreach is the way to go if you're looking for a cost-effective method. This idea is excellent news for cost-conscious businesses, especially early-stage B2B startups launching on a budget.

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