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Start Growing

30 GE Coins




80 GE Coins



Grow Big

150 GE Coins



Total Growth

200 GE Coins


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Start generating leads and deals

Select a monthly plan that suits your budget and growth volume

A flexible coins approach to mix and match all the growth components you need.

Outbound marketing

  • Account-based marketing outreach

  • Cold calling

  • Email cadences

  • LinkedIn Cadences

  • Multi-channel outreach

  • Prospecting

  • Appointment setting

Content Creation

  • Creation of White Papers or eBooks

  • Writing posting and promoting of Blog Posts

  • Creation of Infographics

  • Video production and promotion

  • Case Studies: production in various formats

  • Creation of Product Marketing Collateral

  • Webinar Production and Promotion

Sales handling

  • Demo deck creation

  • Sales process development

  • Sales process handling from demo to closure


  • Landing Page Design and publishing

  • On-Page Conversion Optimization

  • Analysis + Building

  • Custom Design Work

Email Marketing

  • Newsletter Design and writing

  • Company Newsletter Creation and ditribution

  • Email Lead Nurturing Campaigns


  • Social Media Marketing (On company profiles and leadership team's personal profiles)

Revenue Operations

  • HubSpot support

  • Salesforce support

  • Integration services between CRM and Marketing Automation


  • PPC Management per channel

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One-off Services 

Hubspot Sales & Marketing implementation

  • Website tracking code implementation 

  • Build out lists & workflows

  • Connect and set up a blog

  • Build and connect landing page templates

  • Update web forms for each stage in the buyer’s journey

  • Workflow template for lead nurturing

  • Social media accounts connection

  • Lead scoring

  • Design entire marketing to sales funnel

  • Mapping of lead, contact, opportunity, and account fields and integration

  • Create new fields in Sales CRM based on HubSpot analytical data

  • HubSpot/Sales CRM syncing

  • Sales playbook 

  • 1 team training session 

Starting From $8,000

Buyer and customer journey map

  • Define the stages in the buyer and customer journeys 

  • Develop the funnel stages based on buyer readiness 

  • Establish key content and messaging for each stage 

Starting From $2,500

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